The story about the beginning of my entrepreneur journey

“Becoming is not about being perfect.“ Everything started with this message from Michelle Obama. On a January evening in 2019 as I was finalizing her memoir, her epilogue had just become my prologue. The prologue of a new chapter in my life. Her lines encouraged me to dare to think about who I want to become. It was not easy to leave all doubts and negative feelings behind but following 1 year hesitation & planning, in 2020 I took a big step.
My womaneur story

Why did I have doubts? Who have helped me? What have I learnt? Where am I now?

My last speech presented in the Toastmasters Hungary & Croatia division finals in April 2021 is about this story. The story of the beginning of my entrepreneur journey.

The “creation” of a speech is always a kind of work of art for me – like a poem – but now in this case it was even more: due to the importance of this topic, every word and message were carefully formulated, so the outcome is very close to my heart. I had 7 mins to speak, however, I could do it for 70 mins or even more because I do believe it is a relevant topic not only for me, but also for many of you regardless you are a woman or a man, an employee or an entrepreneur.

If you are interested in my speech, please watch the below recording and/or scroll down for the whole script. And then share YOUR story, YOUR journey! I am excited to hear it. 🙂

Please note, this speech is NOT about a SUCCESS story, NOT about MY success story, it is just a story about my journey, the journey inspired by successful women and everyday super women.

And one more thing: there is a mistake in my speech, can you find it? 😉 That is life, hopefully still you will understand the essence and enjoy it. 🙂


On a January evening in 2019 I was just finishing Michelle Obama’s book (Becoming) and getting to her epilogue:

“It’s not about being perfect. It’s not about where you get yourself in the end. There’s power in allowing yourself to be known and heard, in owning your unique story, in using your authentic voice. […] This, for me, is how we become.”

“It’s not about being perfect … This, for me, is how we become …” These sentences were spinning in my head over and over again. It was a hot topic for me on those days. Because due to the years-long big pressure and the huge workload in the office, I felt physically emotionally bad. It’s a buzzword or not, but indeed I was close to burning out. I knew that I had to change, but I didn’t know exactly how.

Then one day my boyfriend, Attila came up with the idea:
– Leave the corporate world, be an entrepreneur, be a consultant.
– No, no way.
– Why?
– Because still I am too young to have an own business, because still I am not experienced enough to be a consultant, because still I am not good enough.

I am not good enough… Do you know this negative feeling? I am too old – I am too young. I am too extrovert – I am too introvert. I am too ambitious – I am too shy. As I see, whether you are a woman or man, an employee or an entrepreneur, many of you like me have personally met this type of negative feelings. Why? The society is one of the answers. Although on the one hand voices about positive self-esteem are getting stronger, on the other hand still many times you can see messages like: Be brave, be brilliant! But the meaning of these messages sounds like Be brave, IF you are brilliant. Good or very good is not enough, there is a huge pressure on us to be better and more. In this social environment how shall I, how shall we feel good enough for starting something new?

On that January evening, as I was lying on the bed and reading those lines, Michelle Obama’s epilogue had just become my prologue. The prologue of a new chapter in my life. Her lines encouraged me to dare to think about who I want to become.

So, the following weeks were about finding my purpose, having doubts, planning, hesitating. Honestly? It was like an emotional trail run. After slowly reaching the top of any minor hills and finally enjoying the beautiful view, I was always getting back to the valley and had to start go uphill again. Then month by month step by step I was persistently moving forward, because I saw, that was the right track for me. And eventually, 1 year later in 2020 I took a big step: I quit and officially left the corporate world behind to be an entrepreneur.

Now you might be waiting for an inspiring success story about how I have become a globally well-known businesswoman. – Please, it is not an American dream, it is my story. 😀

Or are you waiting for my coming out that I am the new first lady of the USA? – Please…?! It’s not up to me, it is up to my boyfriend, you know, Attila. 😉

All in all, this speech is not about a SUCCESS story. It is just a story about my journey, the journey inspired by successful women and everyday super women. Successful women like Michelle Obama, Coco Channel or Beyoncé who have honestly shared their own purpose-driven journey. And everyday super women like my mom, my friends and former female leaders, with whom I could talk about my struggles and feelings, and who always encouraged me to be patient with myself and just keep moving.

I have learnt from these women that becoming is not about being perfect, it is about having your unique journey with purpose, persistence, patience and people. Purpose to keep you motivated, persistence to keep you moving, patience to keep you calm, if you feel, still you are not good enough and people to keep you supported, because everything is much easier, if you are surrounded by helping hands and cheering voices.

And where I am now? Good question. 🙂 But for sure I am still at the beginning of my journey and still continuously question myself, if I am good enough. But (!) I am already on my way and don’t let my negative feelings pull me back anymore. Because I know, I don’t have to be perfect to become who I want to become. – You don’t have to be perfect to become who you want to become.


What is Your story? What is Your journey? Share it with below!


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