🔴 Where should you communicate to reach your customers?

🔴 Which marketing or PR tools should you use to support your sales?

🔴 How should you build your brand to highlight yourself on the market?

If you have any questions like these above or if you want to boost your current communications, contact me and schedule a FREE 40-min consultation to talk about your challenges and communication opportunities. 

Brand building & communication strategy guidance

3-5-10 times adjusted to your needs

Following my review work, during our 60-min sessions I will help you find your communication focus, provide you a framework and a step-by-step guidance to developing your comms strategy and brand identity, so that you will be able to easily compose your plans and messages. Everytime I will feedback your materials and in addition I will give you a list of practical advice on the online and offline communication and content management.

Brand identity, communication strategy & plan development

over 3-6 months according to your scope

As part of the tailored assignment, amongst others I will do a market research, analyze your competitors and specify your target groups in-depth, then I will do your brand positioning, build your brand identity, formulate your key messages, and develop your whole communication strategy and plans. In addition, I will give you comms frameworks to the practical online-offline communication and content management.

Brand (re-)building process management

over 6-12 months according to your scope

I will be the project leader of your comms development, who brief and coordinate web developer, graphic designer, SEO specialist or whoever is needed in the process to deliver your all plans. I will also review and fine-tune your ways of working, be it internal or external communications, clarify comm responsibilities, tailor easy-to-use frameworks to enhance your efficiency.

Public speaking

3-5-10 times adjusted to your needs

In the frame of mentoring or group training series, although on a different way and personalization level, but I will share specific methods which help you develop your communication and presentation skills, use the different structuring techniques and rhetorical devices to the right impact, and I will also watch your speech, so that you can test yourself and get a feedback from me.

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