Enikő Mária Domján

When I was a 7-year-old girl, one day while I was watching a kids TV channel, in the ad spot I saw a call for children to give a speech about environment protection at an international youth climate summit … or at something like that. I remember, I immediately started to think about this topic, and drafted a speech in my mind. But I felt powerless and was very disappointed, because I did not speak in English, thus eventually I could not apply and speak up.

As I was growing up, this advocator role was getting stronger and stronger in me and I have absolutely found myself in communication. Being it in my private life or business activities, using the power of communication has become very important for me – the power of public speaking, PR and marketing. Using it for educational, inspirational and for good game-changing purposes is my every-day driver.

I do believe in the power of communication. Everybody has a responsibility to use it for good, build his/her life, business and brand with purpose, influence any minor or major cause by spreading the word, walking the talk and making a positive impact. This is about #PoweRwithGoals.


  • 9 years experience mixed in corporate & entrepreneur world
  • Comprehensive marketing and PR communication knowledge
  • Personal & Company brand building
  • B2B & B2C comms projects at local & international level
  • Go-to-market & Business acceleration comms assignments
Eniko Maria Domjan brand builder


    Eniko Domjan public speaker


    • V4SDG Lab (Visegrad for Sustainable Dev. Goals) communication advisor
    • Toastmasters activities incl. club presidency, mentoring & expert workshops
    • HiSchool brand building advisor & public speaking mentor
    • Input Program brand building & public speaking expert
    Pro bono passionate - CSR


    • Positivity, sports love & joyful moments spreading
    • Passion for all indoor and outdoor sports, recently with a big focus on marathons & long-distance runs
    • Continuous self-development and wellbeing intention
    Joy with Goals

    Build with Purpose!

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