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Every time I say, that “I have absolutely found myself in communication”. What do I mean by this? Both my profession and one of my main hobbies are about communication. Yes, because additionally to brand communication the public speaking is a big part of my life. In both cases certainly I need to communicate, just a bit differently – or not?!

Be it any area of the communication, cornerstones are the same, just in different contexts. In order to exemplify this statement, I have listed 10 checkpoints, 10 important rules, which are  common between public speaking and brand communication. It is worthwhile to understand and apply them in all communications. 


1. Goals
Clarifying them in advance
Entertainment, persuasion, motivation, inspiration etc. Brand awareness building, lead generation, sales etc.
2. Key message(s)
Defining and consequently using it/them
During the speech at least 3 times directly/indirectly sharing, emphasizing, saying out your message and also clarifying it at the end. On each channel and forum consequently using the same messages, so that they will be indirectly fixed into the mind and memory of consumers, customers or clients.
3. Outlook
Showing your personality, reflecting your communication messages, fitting to your target group
Wearing clothes and accessories favourable for you and suited to the speech and the occasion. Building brand identity reflecting your mission, vision, business activity and engaging to your target group.
4. Channels and tools
Choosing the relevant ones to the target group, because it does matter, which ones are used for which purposes
Live speeches, webinars, wedding toasts, professional conferences, corporate presentations with or without background slides, visual aids etc. Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, newsletter, blog article with or without pics, videos, infographics, animations etc.
5. Wording and tone of voice
Being aware of the certain occasion’s requirements
Knowing, if easy-going, entertaining or formal, serious tone of voice required and choosing the right approach in terms of nice wording, professional jargon etc. Knowing, if easy-going, entertaining or formal, serious tone of voice required and choosing the right approach in terms of nice wording, professional jargon etc.
6. Storytelling
Using the power of storytelling
If you tell a story, you can convey your message more effectively and your audience can connect to you and your speech much more. You can reach and engage your brand’s target group much more, if you wrap and deliver your messages in a story, be it a video ad or a written comms material.
7. Timing
Good timing is crucial
When to hold a speech, concretely when to open your mouth and start it etc. When to publish posts or run ads, in which month, on which week, day etc.
8. Length and duration
Seeing when ‘less is more’ rule relevant and when it is not
Holding 1-5-15-30-60-minute-long speeches, presentations, lectures etc. Using 5-15-30-sec-long video ads, 140-280-character-long Twitter posts, 1000+ character-long blog articles etc.
9. Pauses and breaks
Knowing when we need to just stop and use the power of silence
When you should stop, pause in order to make a bigger impact etc. When you shouldn’t communicate, should stop running ads or publishing posts etc.
10. Flexibility and adaption
Checking, realizing and reacting on our environment’s feedbacks and needs
During the speech continuously adjusting yourself and your speech according to the audience’s reactions, changing the structure, using humour elements, involving people with different technics etc. Continuously monitoring the economy trends,  your market and competitors and swiftly reacting on all changes, modifying your strategy and adjusting your plans, fine-tuning your messages etc.

…. And so on, and so on …

I do believe, that if you understand these cornerstones and use them as your checkpoints, as your rules, be it any communication, you can ensure that it will work.


Getting back to the personal beginning: Anno at the very first beginning of my journey I did everything intuitively, by now I have learned how to consciously use all of them. I enjoy it very much. Indeed I have found myself in the world of communication. I love it, as it is beautiful, sophisticated and complex, but if you understand and consciously use it to spread your Goals, it is a PoweR. 🙂

What about you? What another points can you add to this list?