Purpose-Driven Brand Building


Build with Purpose

I help YOU, startups and small businesses, build a strong brand with purpose to achieve your goals by combining my corporate strategical thinking, womaneur bias for action and effective public speaking message delivery best practices.

🔴 Clear comm strategy aligned to your business goals 🔴

🔴 Solid brand identity with consistent messages 🔴

🔴 Smooth processes to the best efficiency 🔴

🔴 Strong loyalty to your purpose 🔴

Benefit from a
Clear, Committed, Comprehensive Communication

8+ years mixed corporate & entrepreneurial marketing-PR knowledge

5+ years award winning public speaking & mentoring experience

20+ years everyday advocacy & purpose-driven communications

Having purpose is not a marketing or PR tool for me

My ’why’ is to use the power of communication and support any minor or major cause – be it in the business or private life.

I do believe in the power of communication. Every business has a responsibility to use it for good, build its brand with purpose and influence any minor or major cause by spreading the word, walking the talk and making a positive impact on customers’ life.

So, my mission is to spread the purpose-driven brand building by sharing my comprehensive communication know-how and network with startups and small businesses to help them find and formulate their purpose resonating with customers, build a strong brand driven by it and accomplish their desired goals.

My vision is to contribute to a responsible business ecosystem by providing my consultancy & advocatory communication power for game-changing initiatives which stand up for and driven by The United Nations’ Global Goals to think of next generations and build a sustainable future.

Background story


When I was a 7 years old girl, one day I was watching a kids TV channel and I saw a calling for a child to hold a speech about environment protection at United Nations’ youth climate summit. I remember …


Power of communication

Personal & Company brand building
aligned to business goals

Build a strong brand
with purpose!

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