PoweR with Goals

by Enikő Mária Domján

Sharing my Comms PoweR, Spreading your Global Goals

By building on a 7-year comprehensive corporate experience, I share my power of communication and network with YOU, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses to accelerate your growth and spread your Global Goals.

🔴 Where should you communicate to reach your customers? 🔴

🔴 Which marketing or PR tools should you use to support your sales? 🔴

🔴 How should you pitch your ideas to make a favorable deal? 🔴

If you have any questions like these above or if you want to boost your current communications, contact me and schedule a FREE 40-min consultation to talk about your challenges and communication opportunities

Sharing my PoweR of

  • Comprehensive communication experience
  • Marketing and PR knowledge
  • Structured communication processes
  • Public speaking best practices
  • Wide range of partnerships
  • Sustainability & CSR commitment

Spreading your Goals in

  • Startup businesses
  • Small and medium entreprises
  • Sustainability & CSR initiatives
  • Foundations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Non-governmental organizations


My mission is to share my comprehensive communication know-how and network with purpose-driven initiatives, to spread The Global Goals by implementing best practices into business processes and to reinforce responsible entities with my #PoweRwithGoals.


My vision is that each individual or business entity live & work responsibly by thinking of next generations, protecting the Earth and supporting people in need.

Background story


When I was a 7 years old girl, one day I was watching a kids TV channel and I saw a calling for a child to hold a speech about environment protection at United Nations’ youth climate summit. I remember …


to spread your Goals together!

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